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Workforce Skills Conference: Genomics, Bioinformatics, Health & Life Sciences

This conference aims to bring together policy makers, further and higher education senior leaders and managers, curriculum team leaders, and senior business support staff, employers, awarding organisations and key stakeholders, to provide the time and space for discussion, experimentation, knowledge exchange and transfer. It is ‘Time’ for pride in professionalism, and effective partnership working, to support the realisation of UK ambitions. UK Science is fully aligned to our health security mission, as we prioritise social, environmental, and economic sustainable development.

Date: Thursday 7 March
Date: Friday 8 March

Venue: Wellcome Sanger Institute, Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge. CB10 1RQ

There will be keynotes, and insightful panel discussions. A diverse range of breakout sessions, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a genome campus site visit.

Sessions will include:

  • Meeting current and future skills needs in Genomics, Bioinformatics, Health and Life Sciences

  • Digitised Healthcare – on-demand customisation with Additive Manufacturing and 3D Scanning.

  • AI and the STEM Workforce

  • Competence to Excellence in TVET: Achieving personal best!

  • Spotlight sessions highlighting UK effective employer and provider collaborative working

  • Raising standards in Apprenticeships

  • Delivering high quality Health, Healthcare Science and Science T Levels

  • Inspiring innovation and Inclusion in technical and vocational education and training

Rapid advancements in Science and Technology are changing the landscape in terms of how we work, learn, and live, and have the potential to bring unparalleled transformation to technical education and training. The UK Government has launched its Science and Technology Strategy and Framework, aiming to strengthen our scientific capabilities, to cement the UK’s position as a superpower in Science and Technology by 2030.

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