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Showcase your skills in our Interpretation Spaces

Competition Interpretation Spaces bring skills competitions to life for visitors, with experts and students demonstrating skills in an interactive and engaging format.


Your chance to inspire

WSUK Live offers you the unique opportunity to inspire young people and raise your institution’s profile - deliver an Interpretation Space to 72,000 people at the nation’s largest skills and careers event.  

The opportunity 

Taking place on stages throughout the show, Interpretation Spaces are your opportunity to take ownership and demonstrate an individual skill. You will present the exceptional talents of your students, trainees or apprentices, as well as promoting excellence in a wide range of vocational skills. All the while, providing explanation and context of the WorldSkills UK Competitions at the show. 

What’s involved?

We are looking for colleges, training providers or FE institutions to take ownership of individual skills, demonstrating the very best of what they do (in that skill) on a national platform whilst demonstrating cohesion with the sectors and standards of the WordSkills UK competition portfolio. 

The interpretation spaces will be sector specific and linked to each of the show's four industry sectors

Benefits to your organisation 

  • Enhance your reputation and demonstrate excellence to an audience of over 72,000 visitors including students, parents, community groups, employers, influencers and media.
  • Develop a ‘whole sector’ approach involving different levels of academic and vocational disciplines.
  • Be an ambassador for a specific skill or group of skills, promoting best practice and opportunities.
  • Provide a CPD (Continued Professional Development) opportunity for your staff.
  • Improve your performance at future events and skills competitions.
  • Meet and network with employers and other partners.

Benefits to your students and learners 

  • Gain valuable experience of a real life working environment.
  • Enhance their interpersonal skills including communication, problem solving, project planning and teamwork. This provides evidence for assessment and evaluation.
  • Benchmark their performances against national standards.
  • Gain a work experience certificate from WorldSkills UK. 

if you are interested in running an interpretation space please email


What our organisation gets out of attending this show is very, very simple. We not only manage to recruit students at the show, but also it’s also a great opportunity is for us to showcase everything that is great about further education, to show that colleges can work together.

Mark Knight, Chair, Premier Colleges Marketing & Operations Group

I think that it’s a really good place to showcase your organisation or your brand. It helps educate people about what your pioneering, and also it’s investing in their future.

Dominic Mombrun, Second Year Dental Student, Matthew Bolton College