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Useful resources

We've collated a range of useful resources and presentations to help you deliver careers advice.

Resources and presentations from previous events

  • TechFuture Teachers Careers Resource Pack

    The TechFuture Teachers Careers Pack is completey FREE, user friendly and informative.

    The resource is broken down to three core components:

    • an outline of career pathways for 12 core IT jobs and teacher notes
    • three lesson plans with complementary PowerPoint presentations and teacher notes for you to edit and adapt for your students and teaching style
    • Part 1 - Personality Traits and Attributes
    • Part 2 - Industries and Sectors
    • Part 3 - What is Tech

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  • Apprenticeships and traineeships information for schools and IAG providers

    This resource will explain new developments in apprenticeships & traineeships including the new and exciting Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. This seminar will include policy updates regarding the apprenticeship reforms and the resources available to support schools and how to apply for a vacancy through the ‘Find an apprenticeship’ system. 

    Provided by: National Apprenticeship Service

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  • National Careers Service Best Practice and Implementing the Statutory Guidance

    Hear the key findings from the recent National Careers Service best practice research. Find out how the National Careers Service can help with implementing the Statutory Guidance.

    Provided by: The National Careers Service

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  • Building resilience

    Jamie and the team have built a suite of mental health apps with the NHS to help young people manage and recover from mental health issues. The term building resilience is often used, but what does it mean? Jamie will highlight the importance of helping young people be mindful of the pressures they may be under and consider how building resilience can help with decision making and thinking about their own futures.

    Provided by: Jamie Pragnelle, Appadoodle

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  • Coordinating careers work across a school – who needs to be involved?

    Good careers work needs the involvement of the whole team – subject teachers, senior leaders, librarians, tutors and governors. Learn how best to coordinate the different contributions.

    Provided by: Sue Barr, Education for Employability

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  • The rough guide to careers work in schools

    We will discuss the respective roles of teachers, employers and careers professionals. Everyone has a role to play in supporting young people to think about and develop their careers. The important thing is to think about what you can bring, when you should pass a question on to someone else and when you should ask for help.

    Provide by: Tristram Hooley, Professor of Careers Education, The University of Derby

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  • Supporting the career development of Generation Z

    This seminar will explore the role of social media in providing a modern careers programme by:

    • Examining the use of popular social media sites in career development.
    • Introducing sector-specific social media sites.
    • Exploring the potential damage that misuse of social media can have.
    • Providing hints and tips for personal branding.

    Provided by: John Ambrose, Complete Careers

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  • Successful Career Coaching

    Career decisions are complex and they matter. This seminar will explore the ten sticking points young people often face in their quest for the right career path and how to shape one-to-one sessions that identify grounded options and ways forward. It will cover techniques and questioning that improves results. 

    Provided by: Julia Yates, University of East London

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  • Helping young people develop skills for the workplace

    NCS is a part-residential experience open to every 16 and 17 year old of all aspirations and abilities. The programme, which costs nothing for schools and colleges to support, helps young people develop essential skills for work and life, while taking on new challenges, making new friends and contributing to their communities. Come and hear how your students can benefit from taking part.

    Speaker: Izzy Rutherford, National Citizen Service

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  • Future Skills – using labour market information to make good career decisions

    Access to up-to-date career and labour market information is one of the eight international benchmarks for excellence in career guidance. But the labour market is always developing! How can you help young people build up a full and realistic picture of the future skills requirements?

    Provided by: Michael Spayne, Focus LMI

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  • The eight building blocks of world class careers provision

    This seminar will explore eight benchmarks for good careers provision. It will offer pointers on how to mobilise the support of school staff, families, employers and community agencies to put together a progressive programme that inspires young people about the world of work.

    Provided by: Sue Barr, Education for Employability

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  • Degrees of difference? Cutting through the confusion… the financial factors of different pathways

    £9k fees, no maintenance loans, contradictory graduate employment data and rising numbers of alternatives. What are the facts, and how can universities, schools and colleges work together to provide accurate, impartial and inspirational IAG on higher education. The seminar will explore why participation in higher education still matters, the costs and benefits and the continuing relevance of the higher education pathway.

    Provided by: West Midlands Aim Higher team

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