This competition is not running in 2023

However we continue to work with our Competition Organising Partner on skills development and we encourage you to use the tools and resources for this competition to continue skills building.


Forensic scientists and professionals examine crime scenes and evidence. They assist in the apprehension of offenders, provide factual evidence on circumstances, investigate deliberate and accidental incidents while maintaining the highest of standards to ensure that the guilty are prosecuted.

The competition has been designed to reflect the role of crime scene investigators and managers and forensic scientists within laboratories who process evidence found at sites of interest to investigations.

The competitors are tested against a range of professional skills from the crime scene and the laboratory including (but not limited to) analytical techniques, quantitative and qualitative testing, search, recovery and specialist skills investigators must use.

Other skills tested include teamwork, time management, communication, ability to work alone and written work.

How competing led Catherine to a Gold Medal and career planning.

The skills you need to demonstrate

  • Problem solving

  • Attention to detail

  • Logical

  • PPE And Health and Safety

  • Meticulous

  • Working under pressure

  • Objectivity

  • Sensitivity

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Forensic Science

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Photo of forensic scientist collecting swab evidence from a car steering wheel

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