The butchery competition focuses on all the essential skills required for a successful career as a multi-skilled Butcher within the Food Manufacturing Industry.

This competition focuses on all the essential skills required for a successful career as a multi-skilled/disciplined Butcher within the Food Manufacturing Industry.


The skills you need to demonstrate

  • Hand-eye co-ordination

  • Safe Food handling

  • Health and Safety Knowledge

  • Primary and secondary butchery

  • Attention to Detail

  • Sausage making

  • Producing innovative products

Entry criteria

  • This is an individual competition
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per organisation for this competition
  • Competitors do not have to hold a qualification to enter, however you must not have completed higher than a level 4 in Food Manufacturing Excellence qualification or the equivalent and should have a minimum of 6 months practical experience
  • Competitors must be familiar with the core competencies (these can be found in the ‘Useful Information’ section below)

How it works

Use our practical guidance and tools to run your own competition activity as part of your teaching and learning programmes. This is a great way to stimulate enthusiasm and interest for competitions

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Prepare learners to take part in competition by developing their technical and mental skills so they can compete at their best – there are lots of tools and resources available to help you

Learners who get through the passive stage (where they will be expected to prepare a submission for entry or participate in an online assessment), will be invited to take part in national qualifiers which take place across the UK between April and June. All competitors receive certification for their achievements at the qualifiers

The highest performers from the national qualifiers are invited to compete in the UK National Finals in November at WorldSkills UK LIVE, the UK’s largest skills, apprenticeship and careers event

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