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Apprentices from across the UK register with WorldSkills UK Competitions to compete against other like-minded individuals in a skill of their choosing. Each competition is a series of tests, designed by industry experts, which focus on the highest UK and International standards.

Register for the 2018 Competitions Cycle

Download our case studies: The Case for Skills Competitions: Colleges

Getting involved in WorldSkills UK Competitions highlights your organisations commitment to raising standards in work based learning. 

Skill and trade competition activity can help create a real buzz in your organisation, motivating students, and inspiring them to push their technical and professional skills to the limit.

The competitions are a series of skill-specific tests designed by industry experts that focus on unearthing talent in young people within the UK undertaking a trade or skill based career.

Through the commitment and show of support you extend to your student to compete in a WorldSkills UK Skills competition, you are contributing to:

  • Empower your students and apprentices to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Demonstrate to OFSTED how you are meeting the common inspection framework standards by using competition activity to deliver high quality training.
  • Asses your students’ and apprentices’ functional skills against real life work scenarios.
  • Showcase the quality of your training programmes through success in competitions.
  • Provide a unique way of combining teaching, learning and assessment to achieve real results for learners and apprentices of all ages and abilities.

Individuals are challenged to compete against the best in their region and ultimately the best in the UK. The competitors are marked against a rigorous framework aligned to national training packages, standards and benchmarks. 

Embedding competition activity within the vocational curriculum provides a valuable lever for selfassessment and quality improvement that could contribute to the performance of individuals, groups of learners, their teachers and assessors and organisations as a whole.

Nigel Leigh Principal, Stephenson College

Benefits of getting involved:

Competition activity can both develop vocational skills to extremely high levels of excellence and enhance capacity in skills and attributes valued by employers such as teamwork, prioritisation, time management, judgement and working under pressure.

Alongside other activities such as enterprise education, work experience and cultural experiences, skills competitions can contribute to setting clear and stretching targets for learning and achievement.

It has also been proven to contribute towards ‘outstanding’ OFSTED inspections. Competitions activity benefits teachers, trainers, assessors as well as learners. Providing the opportunity to benchmark and learn from others, it increases the employability of learners, provides access to international teaching and learning resources and raises the profile of Apprenticeships and vocational learning. Training providers continue to promote their involvement in competitions, publicly showcasing achievement and demonstrating their commitment to vocational excellence. 

Register for the 2018 Competitions Cycle

Organisational performance and skills competitions have, without the shadow of a doubt, been significant in improving our highest level performance indicator: student success rates, which in this college improve year on year at a steady pace.

Marion Plant OBE Principal and CEO, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College and South Leicestershire College

The vision is about the whole rather than just those who are competing – it’s about improving teaching and learning.

Stella Mbubaegbu CBE Principal, Highbury College Portsmouth

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