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Kerris competed in the WorldSkills UK Industrial Electronics Competition, which boosted her confidence.

We caught up with Kerris at the University of Manchester where she works as an Apprentice Electronics Specialist Support Technician.

Kerris, from the UK, competed at the national competitions 2018 and came second and won silver in electronics. Kerris is studying at the University of Manchester as an apprentice specialist support technician.

WorldSkills UK has helped Kerris in her soft skills by building her confidence with speaking in public. This has opened up opportunities for Kerris by being a STEM ambassador and managing a workshop.

This has also helped Kerris get involved with LIVE 2019 and be a part of a research group in diversity and inclusion. WorldSkills has opened up many doors for Kerris by getting the chance to speak at the Houses of Parliament.

She now actively puts herself forward, she’s a STEM ambassador, she’s done all sorts since WorldSkills UK.

Laura-Jane Williams, Technical Apprenticeship Programme Coordinator, University of Manchester

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