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KnowledgePoint supplies and advises training providers to help them better support their students. It also develops and organises the new WorldSkills UK Building Information Modelling Competition – helping young people master this highly sought-after skill.

BIM competition

As a leading provider of training materials and support, KnowledgePoint is passionate about helping students to succeed. It is dedicated to providing transferable skills that can be used in any digital environment, teaching the next generation core competencies to succeed as the world of work changes.

To help support this aim, KnowledgePoint is responsible for organising the WorldSkills UK Building Information Modelling (BIM) competition. BIM is a vital process used in the engineering and construction industries to create 3D and 4D representations of structures and projects. These visual models are used to make key decisions, reducing safety risks and increasing programme efficiency.

At the cutting-edge of industry, BIM is a key skill for young people looking to begin a career in these sectors. The BIM competition focuses on teaching competitors the core skills needed to kick-start their career journeys.

“We wanted to help create an industry-standard competition,” explains Steve Taylor, Partner Development Executive at KnowledgePoint. “Technology is moving so rapidly that businesses need new talent at the peak of their game, able to adapt to the changing world of work. The WorldSkills UK Competition helps young people to develop the exact skills these businesses want.”

The BIM competition ran for the first time in 2018 and is now available for students across the UK. Focus on this important digital skill helps ensure WorldSkills UK Competitions are relevant to business needs and give young people a real taste of working life.

Championing industry-standard skills worldwide

For KnowledgePoint, organising the WorldSkills UK BIM Competition helps share its passion for digital skills and ensures the organisation can support even more young people in their careers. This doesn’t stop in the UK – KnowledgePoint are also involved in developing a BIM competition for WorldSkills International Competitions.

Featuring at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 for the first time, this competition has been built to ensure young people from all countries are work-ready from the moment they compete. The marking criteria is designed to give them the knowledge, practical skills and resilience they need to succeed in industry.

“The BIM competition is a true reflection of what’s happening in the sector,” says Steve. “We work with industry partners such as Autodesk and Baker Hicks to design the competition specification to industry standards. We want to ensure international standards are also as high as possible. This helps us in the UK stay at the top of our game, and it gives learners across the globe a chance to kick-start their careers.”

We have been involved in the training industry for over 20 years and from a company perspective, we’re honoured to be involved in such a high-profile skills competition. This partnership with WorldSkills UK means that we continue to bring learning to life for everyone with the knowledge to share, which directly maps back to our ethos of us being able to reach even more students in the UK and internationally.

Paul Gibbons, CEO of KnowledgePoint

How can WorldSkills UK Competitions help your apprentices?

How can WorldSkills UK Competitions help your apprentices?

Give your young learners the training opportunity of a lifetime.

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